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Emily Explains the Swiss

A tongue-in-cheek guide to Switzerland from one of the country's best-known Canadians.

Flip Flap Swiss

A dancing cow? A skiing mouse? Anything is possible with this goofy and engaging flip flap book.

50 Amazing Swiss Immigrants

The inspiring stories of 50 cliché-breaking immigrants to Switzerland everyone should know about.


The Timeless Swiss Classic Told in Pictures

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  • Helvetiq Acquires Steffen Spiele

    Helvetiq announced in April the acquisition of the renowned wooden games publisher Steffen Spiele, further solidifying its position in the global games market. This strategic acquisition celebrates Steffen Spiele’s 20-year legacy and marks a significant milestone for both companies, as they join forces to bring timeless, aesthetic, and eco-friendly wooden games to a broader international audience. ...

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  • Michel Mayor - Nobel prize for physics: Interview

    After conducting research in the field of physics, Michel Mayor became the hero of a graphic novel. A look back at a colourful career...

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  • Publishing books AND games? Quite rare

    A publisher that publishes books is logical, a publisher that publishes board games too, but a publisher that publishes both is rather rare! Yet this is the choice of Helvetiq since its origin. We tell you why, and how the two domains are closer than you might think...

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